La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Asuenekoa´s house

The original tower Asu lineage retains some characteristic of aristocratic residences, which refers to its medieval origins: loopholes windows, stone corbels hold wood galleries or balconies, keystone arches... A mid-seventeenth century, an inhabitant of Getaria, Don Pedro de Echave Asu, took a prominent role in the international maritime economy. Agent of his uncle Juan Sevilla Asu Ramus, principal gentleman city of Lima, Also inherited the family business Echave, active from the mid-sixteenth century: shipbuilding and expeditions to Newfoundland and trade with India. The figure of Pedro de Echave Asu is also closely linked to the memory of his ancestor Juan Sebastian Elcano, it was he who, in 1671, funded the memorial stone in memory of the illustrious sailor, at the foot of the front door of the church of San Salvador.