La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Captain Martín de Mirubia's Residence

Captain Martín de Mirubia had two daughters; one of them, Ms. Ángela de Mirubia married Juan de Cardón, a Flemish trader from San Sebastián, who died in 1713. She so became an active business-woman. She equiped the last Gipuzkoan boat which capture cod-fish in Terranova in 1713 nand kept on undertaking whale-fisheries in the Artic, using a boat she inherited from her husband. This boat was finally confiscated by the Spanish Navy in 1718, then used and destroyed in the Sicilian conquest. In 1729, she helped to reactivate whale-fisheries, as she was the first investor in Gipuzkoa to fit out a boat for this purpose.