La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Elcano´s plot

To date there is no trace of the tower that was the birthplace of Juan Sebastian de Elcano, although recent historical research has confirmed its location on a site located in the south-eastern corner of the town, on the cliff. In the former site of the Tower of the Elcano from a few years ago, a headstone commemorates its great importance for the history of mankind. Elcano came into the world in this tower in the year 1476 in the heart of a rich family. The family was in the business of maritime trade between the ports of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. He ended his famous voyage of the first circumnavigation of the earth in 1522, with this trip was empirically demonstrated the roundness of the earth and laid the groundwork for the future domination by the Spanish Empire on the maritime routes extended throughout all the world's oceans. In 1525 he embarked on his second expedition to the Moluccas.Will command the expedition with García Jofre de Loaisa. In this unfortunate second trip was accompanied by all his brothers all died during the trip. The old tower was ruined by the damage caused in the battle of Getaria 1638. In 1671 the legacy of the Elcano is reduced to the ruins of the tower and a sepulture in the parish of San Salvador. This year the legacy passed to Don Pedro de Echave and Asu, Knight of the Order of Calatrava, who established over the grave of a headstone commemorating Elcano Juan Sebastian de Elcano, still visible at the main entrance of the parish. It is the first monument erected in commemoration of a sailor in the Basque Country.