La localidad que vio nacer al navegante Juan Sebastián Elkano

Lookout to the sea

What makes Getaria lovely are your views, its coastline, its nature, its idyllic atmosphere of Cantabric and tradition that surround it. Getaria is like an eternal viewpoint towards the ocean, one of those villages of the Basque coast of which is not difficult to fall in love. Much has been discussed about the origins of the word Getaria. Some consider derivation of the Latin word "Cetarea" meaning fish nursery. But most likely, such as in the nearby town of the same name of the Basque coast is coming from the word "cataria", which refers to the place from which otea sea. Getaria is certainly a lookout over the sea and along the entire municipality find places in which has a privileged view of the entire Basque coast. Within the old town we highlight some places, like the monument of Elcano, Bistaona the viewpoint situated at its foot, or Katrapona square on Sea front Walls. In addition, you can enjoy stunning views at Mount St. Anton, in the rural village of Askizu and Garate mount.