Kosta Gastronomika

Intersections are magical. Attractive on the one hand and mysterious on the other. At intersections, the exterior and the local come together, the pride of the locals and the curiosity of the outsiders. This is what happens in Urola Kosta. An exceptional environment, worked by nature and mankind during the long historical journey. Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Orio and Aia are woven with the webs of old and new customs.

The course of the river Oria links the histories of Orio and Aia. To enter some of the neighbourhoods of Aia, you first have to cross Zarautz. Between the two is the Pagoeta Nature Reserve, which covers an area of 2,860 hectares. If you look from Zarautz, you will see how the sun sets on the back of Mount San Antón, behind the well-known mouse of Getaria. Two villages that once fought in the whale hunt.

Nowadays, they offer an impressive route from one village to the other, leaving the beaches in the background and the cliffs at the edge, in a beautiful setting where sailors and surfers from the five towns enjoy themselves.

Getariako txakolina

Getariako txakolí is a symbol of the identity of Gipuzkoa. It is a young, fruity white wine. Made with the Hondarribi Blanco (95%) and Hondarribi Tinto (%5) varieties, it has a slightly sour touch, which makes it different and gives it a strong character.

It has to be served very fresh; and in each bubble of a soft carbonic touch, all the aromas are spread.

Given the characteristics of txakoli, it is always an exceptional combination to accompany fish and seafood, and blends perfectly with both signature cuisine and traditional cuisine. Extraordinary as an aperitif, delicious at any meal.

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