Etapa 3

Zarautz - Deba

Km 0 ZARAUTZ. From Musika Plaza, we walk along Kale Nagusia as far as San Inazio Street. At this point, some pilgrims choose to follow the footpath that follows the coast road. To follow the official Camino, we take the first left followed by the right turn 100 metres turther along, taking the old path thar joined Zarautz and Getaria. Climbing among txakoli vineyards we find the chapel of Santa Barbara, with a splendid panoramic view, on the right. After a brief stretch of concrete, the path reappears, by which we continue to climb until we spy the coastal town of Getaria, with the unmistakeable silhouette of its "mouse". We continue along the tarmac path until we join the GI-3391 local road by means of which we begin our descent. We pass alongside the cemetery and leave the road at a sharp curve to descend directly to the square in front of the town hall.

Km 4,2 GETARIA. We leave the town climbing along Herrerieta Street, to continue along the Askizu path. After passing several "Akerregi" farmsteads and a txakoli vineyard, the path continues for another 600m until we reach the GI-3392 local road. We walk along the pavement until we reachr the Azti farmstead, where we take the path that leads directly to the Askizu neighbourhood.

Km 6,4 ASKIZU. After passing the church we carry on along cart roads with exceptional views over the inlet of Orroaga, and we descend to the N-634 road. Once we have crossed it, a stroll will lead us to a pedestrian bridge over the Urola River, passing next to the Zuloaga Museum and the Santiago chapel. As son as we cross it, we go down to the Paseo de Gernika, which we follow, and later cross Narruondo stream and reach the town centre of Zumaia.

Km 9,5 ZUMAIA. We leave Zumaia climbing via Sorazu Street, Kale Nagusia and Arritoketa Street to reach the chapel of the same name and the cemetery. A wide surface road allows us to gain altitude while enjoying panoramic views over Zumaia and the coast. Walking between mown meadows, we pass several farmsteads and, after walking around a hillock, we overcome a sharp gradient to arrive at the recreation area of Elorriaga, from where we walk, on tarmac, to the neightbourhood of the same name.

Km 13,1 ELORRIAGA. We descend gradually until we arrive once again at the N-634 road, which cross and carry on along the concrete track that leads to the spread-out farmsteads of the Mardari neighbourhook. Once we are high up, we take the right that leads to the Zubeltzuzarra farmstead, which we do not go as far as, because a few metres beforehand we take a track on the right, which takes us to Venta de Santuaran, next to the N-634. Passing over the bridge across the AP-8 motorway, we need to take maximum care when walking along the 500 metres of road without shoulder, and then take the concrete track, on a curve, begins a path that takes us up to the heights of Itziar. Once again, we cross the N-634 to enter the town of Itziar.

Km 18,3 ITZIAR. We leave the chapel behind and leave Itziar by a paved track, which passes alongside the cemetery and begins to descend. At a crossroads, we carry straight on, climbing slightly in front of the Donibane farmsteads, and then immediately begin a continuous steep descent. After passing the San Roque Chapel on our left, we take an ancient path on the right which descends to Foruen Plaza in Deba.