Euskal jaiak 2023

Euskal jaiak 2023

03JunTodo el diaEuskal jaiak 2023

Detalles del evento

DIANA of the txistularis, trikitilaris and panderists
– At 09:00 the “Gazte Alaiak” txistularis will set off.
– At ten o’clock, the trikitilaris and tambourine players of the Musika Eskola.
At 11:30, “TRIKITILARI KIDS” by Musika Eskola, through the streets of the old quarter and in the square.
At 12:30Basque dances , with the txistularis ‘GAZTE ALAIAK’ in the square.
OPEN MICRO for IRRINTZIS. Prizes will be awarded to the best irrintzi.
At 13:30″Larrain Dantza” in the square.
At 17:00 “TRIKI-KALEJIRA” with the ARRAPALADAN group.
From 19:00 onwards, sing and enjoy with the ‘TABERNA IBILTARIA’.
At 22:30 ROMERÍA with BIDE BATEZ in the square.



Horario del evento

Todo el dia (Sábado)

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