Getariako txakolina

Known as Getariako Txakolina, or Txakoli from Getaria, this Denomination of Origin wine owes its distinctive character to the local grape variety from which it is obtained, Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza. The painstaking care taken in the production process by family-owned wineries, the Atlantic climate and our vineyards’ spectacular settings provide the personality and genuine character that are so characteristic of Txakoli from Getaria. The fact that it is so widely consumed both within Spain and abroad attests to the quality and expertise of the Getariako Txakolina wineries.

Getariako Txakolina

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Akarregi Txiki

Akarregi-Txiki baserria, Akarregi Auzoa
20808 Getaria (Gipuzkoa)
635 73 70 79 / 635 73 00 34


Eitzaga auzoa 10
20808 Getaria (Gipuzkoa)
943 140918


San Prudentzio auzoa, 26
20808 Getaria (Gipuzkoa)
943 14 07 02

Txomin Etxaniz

Eitzaga auzoa 21
20808 Getaria (Gipuzkoa)
943 14 07 02


Agerre goikoa, Askizu
20808 Getaria (Gipuzkoa)
943 14 01 74