100 years since the first disembarkation

In Getaria, what we call the Desembarkation of Elkano takes place every 4 years. It represents the arrival of Elkano and his crew after sailing around the world. The first landing took place in 1912, and in 2022 we celebrate two special dates, the 5th centenary of the first round-the-world voyage (1519-1522), and the centenary of the first representation of the landing in Getaria (1912-2022).


First stage: The first 4 decades

The disembarkation continued to be performed during the 4 decades since 1922, with the only parenthesis being the Civil War, with one year in which the performance was even held in San Sebastian.


Second stage: From 1967 to 2018: Without knowing why, from 1956 onwards, the disembarkation ceased to be performed, until 1967. It was at this stage that the city council took on a greater role in the organisation of the event and it was decided that, due to the necessary infrastructure, its cost and the complexity of its development, it would be held every 4 years.


Third stage: 2018 -2022: The changes that have taken place in the last two landings are significant and should be taken into account. These changes have been promoted by Getaria Town Council together with the people of Getaria, through different actions, participations and works carried out jointly:


    • The incoming sailors start to be chosen by lottery, and the "position" is no longer inherited, as it was until then.
    • The representation of the continents, which until now could only be women, can now be represented by both women and men chosen by lot from among those registered, as well as the lancers and chariot drivers, which until now could only be men, can now be represented by women chosen by lot from among those registered.

2022:The changes have been made after an exhaustive work with the residents of Getaria. The main changes compared to other years are as follows:

    • The story and the discourse have been adapted to the new knowledge and current sensibilities.
    • Change in the image of the poster, programmes and invitations, adapting them to the new times.
    • The 3 representatives of the Moluccan Islands are incorporated.
    • The relevance of women, especially Elkano's mother.
    • The continents are not only represented by one person but by groups of 4,5,6... or more people, including children.